Pbas proforma for promotion under cas

Colleges unless and until adopted and notified by the Govt. Colleges who already completed their requisite number RC Pbas proforma for promotion under cas for moving to next stage of higher AGP, may be allowed to participate in one additional RC programme to increase their teaching skills, after a laps of minimum period of three years from the date of last Refresher Course attended The teachers in Govt.

That, the Petition suffers from non-joinder of necessary parties in the absence of the other six selected candidates and the Screening Committee, the Petition thus, ought to be rejected.

That, although the Petitioner claims to have submitted his Application for promotion on No pay and allowances other than what has already been notified vide Govt.

Phil degree, at least three publications during the period of service as Assistant Professor. Phil after completing six years in the lowest grade, if otherwise eligible as per API scoring system and PBAS methodology laid down by the UGC in these Regulations, shall become eligible for the next higher grade stage 2 On completion of service of five years as College Librarian Sr.

The issue of non-joinder of parties to my mind, is a red herring introduced by the Respondents No. Annexure P having been issued in May ought to have been in the same letter head as Annexure-I, which contains a decision purportedly adopted in None of these formalities appear to have been observed by the Respondents No.

Sikkim University OrdinancesOB-4 which at Clause 4, provides that qualification and requirements for promotion under CAS shall be as per the Regulations adopted by the University from time to time and no other stipulation exists.

Provided that no teacher, other than those with a Ph. Whether relieving the Petitioner for another posting on lien, as per his request, would tantamount to waiving his rights to promotion. D, shall be promoted or appointed as Professor. That, it was in good faith and to enable the Petitioner to avail the benefit of the 4 amendment to the Regulations, which relaxed the API calculations and expanded the UGC approved journals, that he was directed to resubmit his application on parity with other candidates.

In this context, useful reference may be made to the decision of the Hon'ble Supreme Court in K. On the anvil of this interpretation, it is clear that the amended Clause 6.

University, and will be considered by the Govt. While considering the second question, it is not disputed that the Respondent No. Qualification would be the educational qualification, while criteria would be a yardstick required by the Respondents No. Provided further that notwithstanding anything contained in these Regulations, in the event any candidate became eligible for promotion under Career Advancement Scheme on or prior to 30 th Junethe promotion of such a candidate under Career Advancement Scheme shall be governed by the old guidelines issued by the Government vide Notification No.

Prafulla Kumar Mohapatra v. Firstly, let me clear the air on what recruitment entails. That, the amendment to Clause 6. It was further pointed out that later in time, on 7. This issues with the prior concurrence of the Finance Department vide their File No.

Two members to be decided by the Secretary Education to the Govt.

The IQAC may also introduce, wherever feasible, the 7 7. It is a comprehensive term and includes any method provided for inducting a person in public service.

In case, emoluments in the Revised Pay structure becomes lower than the emoluments being drawn on the corresponding date, due to payment of Interim Relief, the extra amount, if any, shall be adjusted against the Pay Arrears of the concerned employees.

In his Rejoinder, the Petitioner avers that he has not sought parity with other Associate Professors, his only plea being that the UGC Regulations, in general and Clause 6.

Statement about Sikkim University norm for Professorship under CAS This is to state that Vice-chancellor of Sikkim University, for the sake of quality of higher education, has sinceestablished a norm according to which an Associate Professor shall be considered for promotion to the post of Professor under Career Advancement Schemes only after acquiring the experience of guiding research at doctoral level, in addition to the norms established by the University Grants Commission under Section 26 1 of the UGC Act, The preparation and issuance of Annexure-I is shrouded in mystery.

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If it is assumed that the Respondent No. It is not in dispute that the University has adopted the UGC Regulations from time to time and is thereby bound by it. Phil Degree or post-graduate Degree in Professional courses, approved by the relevant statutory body, such as LL.

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D awarded under his supervision to enable completion of interviews by early August. N:B: The individual PBAS proforma duly filled along with all enclosures, submitted for CAS promotions will be duly verified by the university/college as necessary and placed before the Screening cum Evaluation Committee or Selection Committee for.

A teacher who wishes to be considered for promotion under CAS may submit in writing to the college, that he/she fulfils all qualifications under CAS and submit to the college the Performance Based Appraisal System Proforma duly supported by all credentials as per the API guidelines set out in UGC Regulations dated Instructions for Filling up Category –I & II of the PBAS Proforma.

NOTE: One form of Category I and Category II has to be submitted for each Academic year of period under consideration for CAS promotion from 1st July onwards.

Claim of points to be made only in one place for each activity. Proforma for Performance Based Appraisal System (PBAS) for promotion under Career Advancement Scheme TEACHERS UNDER CAREER ADVANCEMENT SCHEME (CAS) IN UNIVERSITY DEPARTMENTS AND COLLEGES, AND WEIGHTAGES FOR EXPERT ASSESSMENT Category Activity Assistant Professor /.

N.B: The Annual Self- Assessment Proforma duly filled along with all enclosures, submitted for CAS promotions will be verified by the Principal (In case of College) & Head of the Concerned Department (In case of University).


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Revised PBAS Proforma for promotion under UGC Career Advancement Scheme (CAS) Application for promotion from: (Assistant Professor Stage 1 to Stage 2, Stage 2 to Stage 3), Assistant Professor (Stage 3) to Associate Professor (Stage 4), Associate Professor (Stage 4 to Professor/equivalent cadres (Stage 5) and Professor (Stage 5 to Stage 6).

Pbas proforma for promotion under cas
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Career Advancement Scheme (CAS)